We are proud of educational standards and performance at New College Stamford. In February 2017 10 Inspectors visited us for four days as part of our Ofsted Inspection.  We were extremely pleased with the outcome, achieving Grade 2 ‘Good’ across the board for all measures and judgement areas.

Click here to read our OFSTED report.

We know we provide an excellent standard of educational, pastoral care and that our students leave us with the skills, attributes, and qualifications that enables them to progress and thrive in their next steps.

We are continually striving to do better and ensure that our students get the best possible experience when they come to New College Stamford.  Click here to view 16-18 Performance Tables.

This is a complex data set and readers should note that the way this measure is calculated means that only 22% of our students in 2015-16 were included in the measured.  Therefore, this data should be viewed as only a partial picture of our performance. The data does not include anyone aged  19 or over and does not include all qualifications, it does wrongly include some student performance which was not achieved at New College Stamford.