Chris Lewis who was previously an Animal Unit Coordinator at New College Stamford has recently contacted us about mentioning our fantastic College in his new position at Auckland Zoo. Auckland Zoo has a variety of different animals ranging all the way from Lions to Goliath Stick Insects, and as you can see from the pictures below, he seems to have his hands very full looking after them all! However, he still took the time to give us a positive mention in his bio on the staff page! Which is great!

New College Stamford has connections with Alumni students and staff members that reach all over the world and it is always a lovely surprise to hear from them telling us how they are getting on!

We wish Chris all the best with his exciting ventures in New Zearland and look forward to hearing some more stories from his new job role.

If you want to see the staff page of his bio and the team he works with, clear here.

If you are interested in studying Animals Studies or just want to find out more information, then click here.