We have the expertise to give your employees the skills and knowledge they need to improve your business, increase profitability and improve efficiency. Our training services can be tailored to the needs of your organisation and be flexibly delivered at your organisation’s premises or in College – the choice is entirely yours!

Why Choose Us?

  • We work in partnership with your organisation to design a training solution to suit your business needs and to improve business performance.
  • We deliver training where and when you need it, this includes working flexibly at times and using premises which suit you. We provide a mix of advisory sessions, professional qualifications, short courses and bespoke courses
  • We offer training which is suitable for everyone from an Apprentice to a senior level manager


New College Stamford is an innovative one-stop shop covering all aspects of training. We remove all of the hassle of recruiting new employees – from initial advice and guidance to the selection of the most appropriate candidates (to actual placements) that will meet your needs.

Our service includes:

  • A consultation with your company to undertake a full training analysis
  • The creation of a training plan
  • Working with you to create a job description
  • Advertising of vacancies
  • Recruitment and selection of the candidates to suit you
  • Carrying out an initial assessment
  • Delivery of flexible training programmes through a wide range of methods, all built with employers in mind
  • Carrying out of regular progress reviews on your employee

Whether you are a sole trader, a small to medium sized enterprise or an international company, all businesses experience peaks and troughs. New College Stamford fully understands this and we have endeavored to make our service as flexible as possible to ensure that it works for you and your business.

Our flexible approach includes:

Providing a full bespoke recruitment service. We will conduct as little or as much of the process as you require.

If your company is under consultation, has individuals at risk of redundancy, or is downsizing or closing down, we can offer support to develop your workforce with the skills your business needs to succeed through a range of subsidised and tailored provisions.

Training is an investment in your business, your people and in the future success of the industry. You have the opportunity to train an enthusiastic person with the skills to make your business more innovative, competitive and responsive to external factors. We can help your business. We have the knowledge and expertise to understand industry demands and address skills shortages. New College Stamford is here and ready to help your business thrive and grow.

Why train your staff?

  • Improved efficiency, productivity and turnover
  • A trained worker, who has specific industry skills
  • The reassurance of working with an experienced skills provider
  • Motivated and loyal workforce
  • Training built around your organisations needs
  • Minimum disruption to daily operation

We specialise in:

  1. Support with workforce planning and recruitment
  2. Apprenticeships
  3. Short training programmes
  4. Bespoke training packages

We can help you find and recruit the best staff to work with you by

  1. FREE vacancy advertising service with Monster.co.uk
  2. Providing ACCESS to a dedicated support executives with backgrounds in industry, recruitment, and business development to support job description and vacancy matching processes
  3. Providing FREE organisational needs analysis and supporting workforce needs action planning processes using solutions based approaches.
  4. Workforce Development
  5. We offer a range of programmes for businesses which could give your company access to subsidised staff training and development programmes including

Our Plus Skills programme to gives employers an opportunity to develop key members of their staff without cost, develop their potential staff and promote their progression within the organisation.

We are currently providing fully funded NVQ Level 2 or basic skills training in literacy, numeracy or English for speakers of other languages (ESOL). This funding is available for employees over 19 years old working within any small or medium sized enterprise (250 employees or less) in East Lindsey, Boston, South Holland and South Kesteven.

To be eligible for this programme, staff must not already hold a level 2 qualification, or equivalent. They may also fall into one of the following groups:

  • Those under threat of redundancy
  • People for whom English is not their first language
  • Older workers (50+)
  • Lone parents or those with caring responsibilities
  • Offenders, ex-offenders including (short term)
  • Those from disadvantaged areas
  • Ethnic minorities
  • Female Migrant Workers
  • People with difficulties or disabilities

This is not exhaustive, we would aim to help deliver what employers and their staff deem as needed to meet their organisations aims and objectives.

New College Stamford has partnered with Grantham College and Boston College to deliver this programme and offer the broadest, most efficient opportunity to your staff and ultimately your business. The opportunity for support via this programme is time limited to Autumn 2013 and on a first come first served basis where eligibility requirements are met – don’t miss out , contact our Employer Services team today on 01780 484390 or employers@stamford.ac.uk

The project is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) which improves employment opportunities in the European Union and raise standards of living as a result. It aims to help people fulfil their potential by giving them better skills and better job prospects. To find out moreclick here

Apprenticeships can help businesses across all sectors by offering a route to harness fresh new talent.

UK businesses consider skills shortages and recruitment difficulties a bigger threat to performance than soaring oil prices and declining consumer spending, and more than a quarter of these rate this form of vocational training higher than any other qualification.

Apprenticeships ensure that your workforce has the practical skills and qualifications your organisation needs now and in the future. The mixture of on and off job learning ensures they learn the skills that work best for your business.

Over 130,000 workplace offer apprentice places because they understand the benefits that apprentices bring to their business – increased productivity, improved competitiveness and a committed and competent work-force.

We offer Apprenticeships across a range of industries and sectors including:

  • Retail
  • Customer Service
  • Automotive Engineering/Motor Vehicle
  • Construction occupations
  • Business Administration
  • Hairdressing/Barbering
  • Electrical Installation
  • Health and Social Care
  • Hospitality and Catering
  • Creative Arts

How Apprenticeships benefit your business

Improve your bottom line

Apprenticeships deliver real returns to your bottom line, with Apprenticeships helping them to improve productivity and to be more competitive. Training apprentices can also be more cost effective than hiring skilled staff, leading to lower overall training and recruitment costs.

Fill your skills gaps

Apprenticeships deliver skills designed around your business needs providing the skilled workers you need for the future. They also help you develop the specialist skills you need to keep pace with the latest technology and working practices in your sector.

Motivate your workforce

Apprentices tend to be eager, motivated, flexible and loyal to the company that invested in them. Remember, an apprentice is with you because they want to be – they have made an active choice to learn on the job and a commitment to a specific career.

What do employers say?

Business leaders from a range of industries and backgrounds across England give their support for Apprenticeships and voice their ambition to help grow the number of places available.

“You generally get out of life what you put into it. An Apprenticeship is no different and gives young and mature people the opportunity to develop their professional and personal competencies in parallel…what more could anyone ask for?”

Mark Barclay – Senior Vice-President, Airbus

“Our aim is to double our apprentice numbers by the end of 2012 and continue to broaden our existing apprenticeship programme to offer opportunities across a range of different functions including HR, Supply Chain and Finance. Last year we took on 14 new apprentices bringing our total to 50 working right across our business.”

Matt Stripe – HR Director, Nestlé UK and Ireland Group

“At O2, we’re with apprentices because we’re committed to helping our people grow and progress and we see the value they can offer. Our apprentices are given hands-on experience in a variety of job roles, and we’ve found that this is a great way to develop raw talent, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills we need to progress in the future.”

Ann Pickering – HR Director, Telefonica UK

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

The ROI calculator has been designed to help you understand the returns you can possibly gain on investing in Apprenticeships.

Drawing on research from the Warwick Institute for Employment Research (‘The Net Benefits to Employer Investment in Apprenticeship Training’ – November 2008) into the costs and benefits of Apprenticeships, the ROI calculator has been made available to help employers make the right decisions.

The ROI calculator estimates the average costs of employing and training an apprentice against the gains that come when their ‘additional productivity’ impacts on the business.

Access the ROI Calculator

Benefits in numbers

Research, conducted in February 2008 by Populus on behalf of the LSC to launch the first National Apprenticeship Week revealed:

  • 77% of employers believe Apprenticeships make them more competitive;
  • 76% say that Apprenticeships provide higher overall productivity;
  • 80% feel that Apprenticeships reduce staff turnover;
  • 83% of employers rely on their Apprenticeships programme to provide the skilled workers that they need for the future;
  • Two-thirds of respondents believe that their Apprenticeship programme helps them fill vacancies more quickly, whilst
  • 88% believe that Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce;
  • 59% report that training apprentices is more cost-effective than hiring skilled staff, with 59% believing that Apprenticeships lead to lower overall training costs and 53% feeling that they reduce recruitment costs;

In terms of the return on investment linked to Apprenticeships, 41% say that their apprentices make a valuable contribution to the business during their training period, while a further third (33%) report that apprentices add value within their first few weeks (or even from Day One);

57% report a high proportion of their apprentices going on to management positions within the company;

Over three-quarters of respondents expect apprenticeships to play a bigger part in their recruitment policy in the future.

Further Research

A study carried out by the University of Warwick Institute for Employment Research (IER) demonstrated that Apprenticeships are an investment by employers and where the investment is nurtured, the returns to the employer are significant.

Based on detailed employer case studies in seven sectors the study was commissioned and scrutinised by the business leaders who form the Apprenticeships Ambassador Network (AAN).

The study showed that the costs of training are quickly recouped upon completion of the Apprenticeships. Other benefits include; retention within the company, understanding of company values, and progression to become managers and supervisors.

Public Sector Skills Challenge

It is not just the Private Sector who can benefit from taking on apprentices. Many public sector organisations could be taking advantage Apprenticeships, as a way of unlocking talent within their local communities and ensuring that they have a workforce equipped with the skills it needs for today and tomorrow.

We dispel the myths and provide a whole range of case studies of public sector organisations who have benefited from Apprenticeships.

Find out more about the Public Sector Skills Challenge

We work with local employers to ensure that their staff are best qualified to do their job and ensure business improvement. Ask about our flexible HNC, foundation degree and part time study programmes designed in conjunction with industry, and see how our range of higher education programmes can further your staff development needs.

Our professionally qualified, industry experts are able to provide bespoke/customised courses or part time courses and training entirely designed to improve the success of your business. Our vision is to build a lasting relationship that develops with you and your business needs.

We follow the 5 step process:

  1. Learn about your business
  2. Listen to your needs
  3. Develop a tailored training solution
  4. Improve your productivity
  5. Evaluate our success together

Our training consultants will visit you in your workplace to discuss your training needs and business objectives. We will help you assess what skills your employees have now and what they will need in the future. This approach ensures that your business is equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.

Contact the Employer Services Team NOW

e: employers@stamford.ac.uk

Many businesses may be in the position of making their staff redundant. We can work with your existing employees free of charge to retrain those under threat of redundancy so that they can fill other vacancies.

We can also work with the rest of your workforce to ensure their skills are up-to-date. Training can help promote a positive attitude in the work place and even give your organisation the competitive edge. The training can be delivered in the workplace or on our premises.

Our employer services team keep up to date with the many and varied funding opportunities, initiatives and regulatory activities that impact on businesses. With their in depth knowledge of the education and development sector, our multi-disciplinary team uses this UK and global knowledge to find solutions to support identified business needs. We use this information to support our solutions based approach to meeting your workforce and wider organisational needs. Contact us now

We host and liaise with arrange of local business groups including the Chamber of commerce, sector skills councils and a variety of voluntary, public, private and charity sector organisations to help join things up. Contact us to find out more

Whether you need to hire a sports field or a sports hall, a classroom or a conference suite, a restaurant for business meetings and functions, a hair /beauty salon or even a theatre, we can help with your venue requirements. New College Stamford has a wide range of facilities available to hire. We offer highly competitive rates plus a range of additional commercial services, such as IT equipment, FREE Wi-Fi, on-site caterers and stage hire.

We have recently invested in some fantastic new facilities and resources and all are now available to the general public. We are one of the largest and best facilities around with ample parking directly on site so why not pop in and see for yourself?

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