New College Stamford staff and students have recently been donating gifts for the elderly and young vulnerable children who would have normally not received anything this Christmas. We teamed up with local charities and then began collecting gifts for these lovely people. Once you had brought a present for this person, you would then add a bauble to the tree, as a visual representation of the joint achievement of everyone at New College Stamford.

Because of how amazing staff and students are at New College Stamford, we ended up with 288 gifts! Which is a massive amount of presents for people that without this, perhaps wouldn’t have received anything this year.

Some of the places and areas we donated to include the following -

  • Family Action – providing intensive family support
  • Helping Friends -Volunteers providing low level family support
  • Victims and witness hub-For Young People who have witnessed Domestic Violence.
  • Health Champions-Volunteers supporting children with ADHD/ASD
  • 7 Preschools
  • Contact Centres
  • Small local charities

The Impact that this gesture is amazing so anyone who has donated or helped in anyway, can be certain that they have changed a lot of people’s lives this Christmas. That is all it takes, a small kind gesture really can change someone’s day. So once again, thanks you to everyone who helped and donated, you have made Christmas very special this year for a lot of people!

Below are some pictures of our students and staff presenting the gifts to the people.