Engage with theoretical debates related to the education system, family, religion and crime. Sociologists undertake research to identify social problems and attempt to influence governments to improve the social world. As part of your studies you will eva... read more

Ever wondered if prison really does change criminal behaviour? Or why some people conform? Or perhaps if the experiences you had before the age of five really do shape the person you are today? Psychology is the science of the human mind and behaviour, an... read more

Gain practical and written scientific skills to make connections with all living things around you. Biology literally means the study of life and if that’s not important, what is? Studying this broad subject will allow you to discover your area of i... read more

Study topics such as the effects of excitation in nuclei, wave particle duality and Einstein’s photoelectric effect, mechanics and waves, gravitational fields including planetary motion and escape velocity, astronomical imaging systems and astrophysics.... read more

Experience and develop an interest in a variety of roles within the sport industry such as a performer, official, leader or a coach. You will be able to specialise in your chosen pathway in the second year of this A Level. You will study contemporary topi... read more

Study the inner workings of the media industry and understand the theories that underpin how we interact with the world of TV, film, print, radio and digital online media through the study of a wide range of contemporary media products. Develop practical ... read more

Enhance your mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills through challenging and interesting topics such as algebra and trigonometry. You will explore new topics such as calculus, circle theory, binomial expansions and how objects respond to the for... read more