Focus on developing your personal, social and emotional skills and experience, learning new life skills as well as other topics such as: independent living, personal presentation, personal care, good health, mobility, citizenship, money handling, budgeting, communication and developing friendships. You will also have the opportunity to progress your English and maths and engage in a range of enrichment activities.

You will be provided with opportunities to develop skills that support your social and personal development and undertake employability sessions including work experience.

This course is 15% theory and 85% practical.

On completion of this course, you can progress to the Independent Living, Life and Work course, or Exploring Animals, Horticulture and Life Skills or Exploring Catering, Retail and Life Skills courses.

You will beassessed on their progress throughout the year and build a portfolio of evidence. The work is validated by an external verifier from AIM Awards. Functional skills will involve tests at the appropriate level.

All of our programmes are underpinned by the opportunity to develop life skills, communication development, travel training and safety in the community.

No formal qualification required.

For Admission

Department : Skills for Work and Living
Level : Entry Level 1,2 and 3
Starts : 09 September, 2019
Duration : 1 Year Full Time
Course Code : PEILSAP

: 01780 484 311