The IC3 training and certification program covers a broad range of computing knowledge and skills that proves competency in the areas described below. Individuals seeking IC3 certification are required to take and pass all three IC3 exams.

Suitable for:
Those working with technology and computer aided equipment.

Units Studied:
• Computer Fundamentals:
Computer Hardware, Peripherals and Troubleshooting
Computer Software
Using an Operating System

• Key Applications:
Common Program Functions
Word Processing Functions
Spreadsheet Features
Communicating with Presentation Software

• Living Online:
Communication Networks and the Internet
Electronic Communication and Collaboration
Using the Internet and the World Wide Web
The Impact of Computing and the Internet on Society

Start Dates Available:
• 23rd April 2019
• 10th September 2019

Day and Time:

Tuesday, 6pm to 8pm

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to progress to advanced digital courses.

You will be assessed via 3 online exams.

You will require beginner to intermediate knowledge and understanding of IT and computing.

For Admission

Department : IT
Level : Level 2
Starts : 23 April, 2019
Duration : 10 weeks
Course Code : IC3D11E
Fees : £200.00

: 01780 484 311