This course is your first step to a successful career in the performing arts industry. Gain an introduction to the performing arts industry and develop a range of performance techniques, rehearsal skills and technical skills in both performing arts and music as well as the opportunity to set up your own performing arts event.

This course is 100% coursework based.

You will study the following units:

  • Introduction to music, performing and production arts
  • Introduction to research for music, performing and productions arts
  • Communicating with an audience for music and performing arts
  • Production development for music and performing arts
  • Performance development for music and performing arts
  • Final Performance Project

You will be working both independently and in small groups in our fully equipped rehearsal rooms, recording facilities and studio theatre. Much of your time will be spent learning theory and preparing material for performances and assessments. Practical Music assessments take place at local music venues in order to give you real world experience of working in the industry.

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to audition for the Level 2 Performing Arts and Music Diploma. This course also aims to build confidence and communication skills that are transferable to and desirable for a number of different industries and vocations.

There are no exams for this course. You will build a portfolio of work for each of the units and complete a mixture of performance based practical assessments along with ongoing logbooks, research and evaluations.

You will be required to wear plain black clothes that you can move freely in for all practical performing arts lessons.

You will be able to participate in the running of the of the College radio station and record label where you can release your own music through major online retailers such as iTunes. For detailed information visit

No formal entry qualifications are required, but an interview and audition are necessary where you’ll display a desire to work in the performing arts industry. For your audition you may perform a piece of music or a monologue of your choice.

For Admission

Department : Music
Level : Level 1
Starts : 09 September, 2019
Duration : 1 Year Full Time
Course Code : FLDPAAP

: 01780 484 311