Creative Media students visit the Emmerdale studios to have a tour around the set and take part in creative workshops.

Creative Media students travelled to Leeds to have a look around the studios and see exactly where and how they film their award-winning drama. Students got the chance to walk around all of the different the sets of all the famous locations that are featured in the ITV Drama such as, the Dingles living room, The Woolpack pub and the village Salon.

After having a tour of the set, the students then had a variety of workshops where they got masterclasses on some of the production techniques that are used to create the show. including storyboards and script writing.

The Creative Media students will have got so much experience from this trip, seeing some of the locations and how much work goes into a production such as Emmerdale will have definitely inspired them to want to follow their dreams and get a job in the media industry.

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