Entrepreneur and former New College Stamford Business student, Nimon Davey has come up with an innovative idea for a new loyalty card app to store all loyalty cards in one place.

The exciting new app named ‘Loyaltybook’ has been approved by Apple and is set to be launched in Stamford from Friday next week. The app is free and will be available to download on the Apple store from April 17th. Allowing customers to engage with their favourite businesses and brands whilst being rewarded on a new platform.

Nimon, who set up Loyaltybook in September, said: “I wanted to solve the problem after having a wallet full of paper loyalty stamp cards from a variety of my favourite shops.

“I thought there must be a clever way to make this digital. So with no experience what-so-ever I came up with a concept and it just grew from there.”

After meeting with a number of app developers, Nimon joined forces with two developers from Cambridge, David McGarry and Sam Patel and Loyaltybook was created.

Nimon and his team set about developing the mobile loyalty app which enables users to digitally stamp their phone with unique codes provided by their favourite shops and businesses.

Businesses from around Stamford have already signed up to be a part of the launch including Zorbas, Stamford Photo Express, Stamford Delight, The 8848 and The London Inn. Some national businesses have also shown an interest.

Owner of The London Inn, Nick Pistolas said: “I’m excited to be on board as one of the first businesses to use the new app. It’s a great idea and we’re looking forward to the launch.”

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