Georgina Bullen from Team Insight visits New College Stamford to give an inspirational talk to staff and students. 

Georgina Bullen, from ‘Team Insight’ came to visit us and give some of our students an inspirational talk about her life and her campaign to help other visually impaired people. Georgie also gave tutorials to encourage our students to keep working towards their dreams and goals and to try and overcome any obstacles that may arise in the future.

Georgie Bullen is most well known for being a visually impaired GB Paralympian in the sport of Goalball and the Director/Founder of ‘Team Insight’. Georgie has been severely visually impaired since the age of five, but has never allowed her disability to stand in the way of doing whatever she wanted. However, after she finished completing in the Paralympics, she found that the barrier of getting a job seemed almost impossible to overcome. This is because she discovered that over 66% of visually impaired people of working age were unemployed. It was at this point that Georgie decided she needed to be proactive in changing employer’s perspectives on blind people. To try and combat this issue, Georgie took it upon herself to choose to combine her passion for Goalball with her determination to raise visual impairment awareness and this led to the launch of Team Insight.

We thoroughly enjoyed Georgie visiting our College and were all truly inspired by her stories. This will undoubtedly encourage our students to continue to chase their dreams and give them the confidence to achieve anything they want to.

If you want to find out more about Team Insight, Goalball or just want to get involved, click here to find out more!