Applying for a DBS:

Those students needing a DBS will be notified by our admissions and/or work experience team and in most cases will apply for their DBS on the day of enrolment.  Should you require it sooner an appointment can be made with the work experience team.


Paper based DBS = £47.00 (this will be available until the 15th September)

Online DBS = £53.50

There will be an Additional cost of £13.00 to register the DBS certificate (payable direct to DBS).  The college strongly suggest students register to the update service so as not to limit placement options.

Important Information/ Frequent Questions:

What evidence do I need to provide?

Students must provide 3 pieces of supporting evidence, 1 of 3 must be from group 1 and 1 of 3 must prove your current address (information from the internet will not be accepted). Click here to see a list of appropriate documents.

What if I can’t provide the evidence?

If you are unable to provide 3 sufficient pieces of evidence, or 1 piece of evidence from group 1, then it could be necessary for you to be sent for fingerprinting at a police station.

What if I have not lived in the UK for the last 5 years?

You will need to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct from the country you have been residing in, contact the college who can provide information on how to proceed.

What if I decide to change course, do I need a new DBS?

The college legally can only search for information they require, if a student decides to transfer from an Early Years course to a Health and Social Care course the DBS certificate may no longer be sufficient for placements.  Students would be required to apply for another DBS and the DBS fee would be charged again.