New College Stamford Celebrates International Women’s Day!

 On Thursday 8th March, New College Stamford celebrated International Women’s day, which celebrates the day that women gained suffrage. In some countries around the world it is now a public holiday, but is also ignored in many. For some, it is used as a day of protest, and for others it is a day that simply celebrates womanhood.

Students were first inspired by a speech from Peter Barrett, whose Great-Grandmother Alice Hawkins was a Suffragette. Ms Hawkins, a shoe machinist, was jailed five times for her role leading the Suffragette campaign in the early 20th Century. A 7ft statue has just been erected in her honor in her home city of Leicester.

On the day, the college’s Student Union also ran two female self-defence classes, in which the students were taught martial art techniques. This was done as unfortunately, very few women feel safe walking at night alone. This class was so well received the college have decided to make this a regular feature on their enrichment timetable.

Two A Levels and members of the Student Union also attended the International Women’s Day event organised by Peterborough Chambers’ Business Women’s Sector at the Peterborough Cathedral. 140 people from sixth forms and colleges from the local area attended with students and fellow guests enjoying an empowering speech from Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya,and key note guest Georgie Bullen, a Paralympian GB Goalball player.

Student, Danielle Brooks, impressed MP Fiona Onasanya so much she has now been invited to complete her work experience with her and will also be visiting the House of Commons, which was a particular highlight of the day.


Our student engagement officer, Lauren Barker who conducted the trip, says ‘ International Woman’s day at Peterborough Cathedral was a really exciting event, lots of networking opportunities and engaging inspirational speakers.’

Our A level students Danielle and Ellie participated exceptionally well in all aspects of the day, they were a credit to New College Stamford.

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