Five students from Performing Arts have successfully auditioned for roles within the Stamford Shakespeare Company!

This is a fantastic achievement as the company is extremely well respected, so for all 5 students to have been selected to be part of their shows is amazing.

The five students will be performing in nationally recognised shows and arenas with Izzy Middleton and Mel Turner performing in ‘The Roses of Eyam’ which will be performed in Stamford in June and then toured to the world famous Minnack Theatre in Cornwall in July. Ollie Culleton, Jake Taylor and Aiden Welch have been cast in the iconic ‘Twelfth Night’ which will run throughout June, July and August at Tolethorpe Hall.

This will give the students valuable work experience and is such a great first step on the ladder to following their dreams and becoming full time actors/performers.
Performing Arts Students
What these students have achieved is certainly a testament to the fantastic talent we have in the department which includes the staff and students. We wish them all the best of luck and Adam Fox the course leader has already said “he will be getting tickets and going to watch them perform and he is feeling extremely proud!”


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