We were proud to welcome human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell to New College Stamford for a thought-provoking guest talk. Peter is an inspirational man who has been involved with numerous campaigns and positive movements over his life, that have tackled issues of democracy, civil liberties, social equality, environmental protection, peace and global justice.

He delivered the speech in front of a packed theatre full of students and staff that had come along to listen and find out more about all things regarding LGBT rights, and what that means in the context of a college environment. His speech, which focused on LGBT rights and movements including past, present and future, mentioned and commended on how far the world has come in abolishing a lot of laws that were outdated, so that everyone, no matter what their personal choices are, have exactly the same rights as everyone else and our not punished in anyway for it.

However, he also went on to say that there is still so much more that can still be done at both ends of the spectrum, whether that be on a global and political scale, or just day to day on a much smaller-scale.

After his talk, Peter opened the floor up to a Q&A session where students and staff could ask any questions they may of had from his talk. Both staff and students asked some really interesting questions which continued the great discussions.

Here at New College Stamford, we encourage our students to make their own choices and be exactly who they want to be. We offer students advice and guidance which can help them through what can potentially be a difficult time in many peoples lives. This is to make their experience studying at New College Stamford a positive one, and one that they can flourish and really succeed in.  We hope that we create an environment which means anyone, whether that be staff or student, feels welcomed, and that they have exactly the same rights and opportunities as anyone else.

We look forward to having Peter back again in the future to carry on his amazing work fighting for LGBT rights and equality for all.     



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