The ‘Love Our Colleges’ campaign is is an opportunity to highlight the brilliant work that goes on, and the brilliant staff that make it all possible at our College and every College across the country.

Over the last decade, colleges have had to deal with an average 30% funding cut, whilst costs have increased dramatically. This has resulted in a drastic drop in learning opportunities for adults, fewer hours of teaching and support for young people, and teacher pay at less than 80% of schools and support staff seeing no increase in pay for several years. This situation is not sustainable and ultimately impacts upon students, businesses, communities and the wider economy.

Our Principal, Janet Meenaghan said, “New College Stamford is supporting the Fair Funding Campaign because further education students are getting a terrible deal – not just because they receive considerably less funding for their education than the contemporaries in schools and universities, but because every year the gap widens.  Austerity may be the government’s chosen method of ‘balancing the books’, but the inequality of treatment between the different parts of the education system is unjustified, discriminatory and unfair.  Further Education plays a vital role in developing the skills of the nation and improving the productivity of our businesses.  It’s time for recognition, for fair funding and for positive change.”

Colleges Week takes place from Monday 15 October to Friday 19 October 2018 and will see us and other colleges across the country hosting events to showcase the brilliant stuff they do, day in and day out, as well as national lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 17 October.

To support the campaign and find out more about how you can be involved, visit

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