Our PE and Sport apprentices have made a huge impact. Here are just some of the achievements so far…



  1.  Support the teaching of PE and sport lessons
  2. Assist with the running of before and/or after school clubs
  3. Support gifted and talented learners
  4. Organise and run inter and intra school competitions
  5. Assist with lunchtime clubs and activities
  6. Introduce initiatives such as the Daily Mile and Playground Leaders training
  7. Data reporting for PE and sport
  8. 1-1 support for pupils with SEN or disabilities



“Right from the beginning of this apprenticeship, I have loved every moment. Both college days and days in school have been valuable. I am 3 months into the course, and I have already developed in so many ways. To me, it doesn’t seem like I am working a job 4 days a week. It is so supportive, friendly and fun, it is made so enjoyable. Not many apprenticeships out there offer such a widely respected qualification at the end of it.”

Hannah (17) PE Apprentice at St Sebastian’s Primary School, Grantham

“The children at the school make it so worthwhile. There is never a boring day. The course itself opens so many routes for your future in schools and in PE”

Dan (19) PE Apprentice at Long Bennington Primary School

“Inspire+ has helped me realise the career path I have chosen is the right one. They have helped me grow and develop myself as well as being able to deliver well planned, engaging and exciting lessons which help children in our school develop and reach their potential. The tutors at Inspire+ have our best interests at heart and want to ensure we meet the grade of the NVQ Level 3 course”

Alex (18) PE Apprentice at Spalding Parish Primary School



 “As a result, we have seen an increase in pupil commitment and enthusiasm for sport and physical activity, particularly with our least active pupils and those with SEND who have been able to be exposed to greater opportunities. All of this has taken place over just the Autumn Term and I am looking forward to the difference we can make to our pupils for the rest of the year.”

Sarah Balcoe, PE Coordinator at St Norbetts Primary School, Spalding

“We are delighted for our Sports Apprentice to be training with the staff at Inspire+ and believe that the partnership between the College and Inspire+ to be positive (where each provider’s strengths are utilised to the best of their abilities). Our Sports Apprentice is developing well through his formal training days and through experience of working with us at school and colleagues at other schools. Despite only being with us for three months, he has already had a significant impact in the amount of provision of sporting. Physical activity in school and as of a result this has increased the number of [different] participants across the school taking up a sport or being physically active every day.”

MW, Headteacher

“Staff at our school have found having an apprentice to be a valuable addition to our school community. The children have really enjoyed working with him. We have lots of future plans around our apprentice and PE in school”

Phil Barlow, PE Coordinator, St Johns Primary School, Lincoln

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Alongside Inspire+, we are able to offer both practical training from a wide range of PE and Sport activities weekly and tailor these to individual school needs This bespoke training sits alongside the academic element of the apprenticeship.