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Governance and Strategic Documents


Governance and The Corporation

Our Governance Style

Philosophy - The Corporation shall be proactive; emphasising outward vision rather than internal preoccupation, encouraging diversity in views and offering strategic leadership before administrative detail. It will distinguish clearly between the role of the Corporation and staff, and take collective decisions based on present circumstances not necessarily influenced by historical events.

Practical - To achieve the philosophy the Corporation will:

a. Adopt a discipline to facilitate focussed excellence in corporate governance;

b. Direct control and inspire through written policies;

c. Focus mainly on intended and longer-term impacts not on administrative processes;

d. Initiate policy rather than react to staff initiatives;

e. Integrate individual expertise to form a cohesive corporate entity;

f. Regularly monitor performance by self-evaluation and determine remedial corporate and individual development as necessary.

How to contact us

If you:

  • have any questions;
  • want to raise any issues;
  • are unable to find the information you want; or,
  • you wish to apply to join the Corporation

Please contact the Clerk to the Corporation in writing to:

Mr Ralph Devereux — Clerk to the Corporation
Stamford College
Drift Road


Important Documents

Below you will find important documents such as Financial Statements, Terms of Reference and Policies.

Interested in becoming a Governor?

We want to hear from people who may be interested in becoming a Corporation Member.

We want our Members to have a wide range of skills, backgrounds and expertise. This is to make sure we have the benefit of views from, and are truly representative of, our community.

All our Members are appointed as individuals, including those Members who are staff or students. Members are not representatives of the organisations or communities from which they come. Once appointed, Members are required to put the interests of the College first.

From time to time the College has vacancies for external Members to join the Corporation. If you are interested in becoming a Member you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have the commitment?
  • Do I have an interest in education?
  • Do I have balanced judgement?
  • Do I have a specific skill, professional qualification and/​or experience?
  • Do I have an ability to assess complex issues?
  • Do I have links with the local community or business that I can use for mutual benefit?
  • Can I commit to attending a number of meetings during the year?
  • Can I put in time before meetings to read the papers?

If you would like further information about becoming a College Governor, please contact in writing:

Ralph Devereux

Clerk to the Corporation

Stamford College
Drift Road

Corporation and Committee Minutes

Corporation and Committee minutes will be posted on this website. This will happen as soon as possible after a meeting and once our Corporation or the relevant Committee agrees that the minutes are accurate and can be published.

This process has been agreed because, until that point in time, our Corporation or a Committee could reject any part of the minutes as incomplete, misleading or factually incorrect.

Corporate Meeting Minutes for the last three academic years are published on the website along with Committee Minutes for the last three academic years (except where the committee has not been established for that duration).

Agendas and non confidential supporting papers together with minutes that pre-date those that are published, can be provided upon request to the Clerk.

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