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These results are a suggestion of courses you may want to explore but are by no means a definitive list and individual entry requirements do apply.

Information for applicants

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All applicants are issued with our 'Place Promise'. This means that whatever your grades, please be assured there will always be a place at Stamford College for those who want to work hard and achieve their goals.

With interviews suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our admissions process will adapt. However, please be confident that Stamford College are extremely well qualified and experienced in ensuring students are placed and supported on the right course. We will help keep the system fair to all, and provide guidance for the best course that will maximise your opportunities for success and achievement should you need it.

What is a conditional offer?

A conditional offer is where upon reviewing your application, we provide you with a place at the College in September on the condition that you meet certain standards.

These will be highlighted to you in your offer letter and could include:

  • Achieving set grades in your exams
  • Successfully completing a summer assignment to the required standard
  • Completing a personal statement
  • Submitting a project or portfolio

What if I don’t get the grades?

Don’t worry!

We have a very effective​‘6 weeks to success programme’ that we have been developing over a number of years which ensures you are monitored carefully and supported appropriately whilst transitioning from school to college. This includes support such as (but not limited to):

· Allowing you to change courses if you change your mind (subject to availability)
· Moving you between course levels if you are finding your current level too easy /​too hard (subject to availability)
· In some cases, incorporating English and Maths GCSE in to your timetable if you don’t meet the grades you need
· Providing access to additional learning support should you need extra support in the classroom or assessment for learning resources
· Regular meetings with your Student Advisor, who will get to know you and ensure you are happy and engaged with your course
· One-to-one reviews with your academic tutor to discuss your progress

Is it too late to apply?

Not at all!

We continue to accept applications throughout September. However, some courses do get full and others are subject to availability so we encourage you to apply early so we can support you through to enrolment.

How do I apply?

Follow this guide to apply in 3 easy steps!

1. Search our courses to identify the course you wish to apply for.

2. Select your course, and click the Apply’ button.

3. You’ll be asked to create an account so you can track the progress of your application. Once submitted, you’ll receive confirmation from us that your application is being processed.

We also have a short video tutorial below you can follow for further support https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​K​Z​Y​B​b​D​ZgXIc

How will I know if I have been accepted?

You will receive an email confirmation once you have applied, and the contact details of the person in our Admissions Team looking after your application.

Once your application has been checked, we will send you an email with further information about your offer.

You can check back on our application portal at any time to see where in the process your application is through the link on your confirmation email, or click here to log in.

Will the College open in September?

Yes definitely!

We have been using Google Suite for Education for over a year and it is well embedded in to our curriculum. This has allowed us to transition to remote learning during the pandemic confidently. Google Suite allows us to teach online or offline, anytime, and on any device to support and connect with every student either one-on-one or with the whole class. 

We utilise Classroom to enable us to manage curriculum, assignments, and grading all in one place so you can be confident your experience is as high in quality online, as it is on campus.

At this time, our priority is to ensure the safety of our students and staff so we are working very hard to ensure our campus and timetables can work on reduced capacity levels, given that social distancing is likely to still be in place. 

We expect a significant proportion of your teaching and learning to still take place online for the majority of courses, and if you do have lessons on campus you can be confident that your safety and wellbeing will be paramount from the moment you leave the house to the time that you return home.

Will there be open evenings so I can explore the College?

With the current social distancing restrictions in place by the government we unfortunately cannot conduct open events as normal.

However, we have virtual tours available on our site, and are working hard to improve these so you can get a full campus tour from the comfort of your own home. We will also be arranging Q&A sessions so you can meet staff and ask any questions that you have.

In the mean time, please visit our Campus Tours page where you can view our current virtual 360 tours, book a tour for when it is safe to do so, and download our prospectuses.


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