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Growing Organic Vegetables

  • Course Type: Adult Evening Classes

What is covered?

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Growing Vegetables Using Organic Principles

From 16th April, Tuesdays at 6PM
£30 - 6 Weeks

Step into 'Growing Vegetables Using Organic Principles' as the season warms. Learn how to sow seeds directly into your garden, the right way to plant out, and organic methods to nurture your growing crops. Together, we'll tackle the challenges of pests and diseases, ensuring your vegetables flourish without the need for harmful chemicals.

Your Organic Vegetable Growing in Summer

Beginning 4th June, Tuesdays at 6PM
£20 - 4 Weeks

As the sun climbs higher, our 'Your Organic Vegetable Growing in Summer' class comes into play. Discover the best practices for summer care, efficient watering, and reaping the rewards of your labour. The course culminates with the harvesting techniques for your bounty and planning for the succession crops that will fill your garden and plate throughout the seasons.

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