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Italian Beginner Classes

  • Course Type: Adult Evening Classes

What is covered?

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Italian Essentials: Reservations and Travel

Commencing 18th April 2024, Thursdays at 6PM
£30 - 6 Weeks

'Italian Essentials: Reservations and Travel' builds on your knowledge. Learn to talk about yourself and master making bookings for restaurants, taxis, and guided tours. This course also covers the essentials of hotel vocabulary and practical travel dialogue for buses, trains, and planes.

Italian Review and Transport Proficiency

Beginning 6th June 2024, Thursdays at 6 PM
£20 - 4 Weeks

Conclude your basic Italian learning with 'Italian Review and Transport Proficiency'. This shorter term is designed to revise the topics from previous terms with a focus on confidently navigating through bus and train stations, as well as airports.

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