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Certificate in Counselling Skills Level 3

Practical Vs Theory


Course overview

This EDEXCELqualification is ideal for those seeking to enhance their role through the use of counselling skills.

Youwill gain an understanding of a range of counselling skills and have the opportunity to examine some of the various schools of thought/​theoretical models associated with them through interactive practical exercises.

The Cerfificate in Counselling skills and theory is a level 3 qualification which provides a framework of education and training for those who wish to progress to higher level counselling qualifications. It gives you an opportunity to achieve a nationally-recognised, Level 3, vocationally-specific qualification.

It is also an opportunity for those working as helpers in environments using counselling skills, who may not be intending to gain accreditation and practise as counsellors, to gain a qualification that develops their counselling skills and knowledge in a wider context. Throughout the course you will develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in working life.

This qualification does not qualify youto practice as a counsellor.


Start Date:19/​09/​2019

Time: 5.00pm ‑8.30pm



What Does The Programme Include

The aim of this course is to provide various opportunities to enhance your current counselling skills and help you build new ones. The course delivery is very interactive and uses innovative up to date practices to enable you to do this.

Entry Requirements

You will require the Certification in Counselling Skills Level 2 to apply for this course.

How The Course Will Be Assessed

You will create portfolios that will be internally and externally assessed. These comprise a combination of practical work, work sheets and essays. You will be supported throughout the programme to enable you to do these.

Fees, Finance & Funding


Additional Information

This Level 3 course does not qualify youto practise as a Counsellor. However, people on this course have developed their careers in:

  • Customer Service roles
  • Advice and Guidance
  • Mentoring
  • Health and Social Care
  • Team Leading

Supervision is at least1.5 hours per month, every month whilst you are counselling. Many placements pay for supervision, others don’t. The typical fee is £40.00 per hour. Please be aware you are responsible for supervision costs. There is no financial help available for this. You will be required to have 10 hours of Personal Therapy during your two year course. The average fee is £30.00 per hour. Please be aware you are responsible for personal therapy costs. There is no financial help available for this.

Potential Future Career

Successful completion of this course will allow you to progress to the Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling EDEXCEL Level 5 course.

Course Content

Unit 1 – Developing counselling skills

Unit 2 – Theoretical approaches in the use of counselling skills


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