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Taster Week - Transitioning from Secondary School to Further Education

The Inspire Education group look forward to welcoming all new students to a taster day in June. We recognise how difficult the last few months have been and therefore want to provide you with an opportunity to feel reassured about your next steps.

Taster Day 2021 is for all students who are starting their courses in September. It’s your chance to meet other students on your course, meet your tutors and find out about how the College day runs. From getting your bus (if you need one), where to go for lunch and how to access all the support services we have at the College.

It’s like your first day, before your first day!

Download the full Taster Week guide here. <link to be inserted>

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect?

  • Your day will start at 9am and end at 4pm 

  • You will be given a timetable with a range of activities to give you an insight into College life.

  • Click *****here link tbc****** to find your planned programme.


Yes, lunch is free and there will be a choice of hot or cold and vegetarian and vegan meals. Please bring some money if you think you would like to purchase any additional snacks or drinks.


    Taster Day is the perfect opportunity to meet other people who have applied for the same course as you. There is no need to be worried, everyone will be in the same position and everyone soon makes friends.

    What Do I Wear?

    There is no uniform. Please come to College in what you feel most comfortable wearing. If you have selected a practical course, please come dressed appropriately i.e. trainers and sportswear for sport courses. 


    Our Student Services team will be available throughout the day to help with any concerns about your course, transport, finance or any other support you may require. 


    Don’t forget your:
    • Face covering
    • Stationery (pens, pencils etc.) 


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