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Staying Safe on Campus


  • Please don’t move any of the chairs, desks or equipment. 

  • We have arranged each classroom to ensure you can be taught safely and meet social distancing measures. 

  • Choose your seat and stick with it. This will be your personally allocated chair and desk. 

  • Use your own equipment. Please don’t share any items like pens or paper with other students. 

  • Need to leave the room? Please let your teacher know before leaving. 

  • Need to sneeze or cough? Each classroom will have a box of tissues, use them, bin it straight away and wash your hands. 


Our catering facilities will be open for you to use, however there will be social distancing measures in place and increased cleaning will be undertaken. 

To avoid overcrowding in social spaces at lunchtime, you can eat in classrooms. Please ensure you maintain social distancing and tidy up after you have eaten. 

You can bring to College your own packed lunch and you can also use the vending machines at all campuses but please remember to sanitise your hands both before and after using them. 

All groups will be colour coded and will only be able to use our catering facilities at designated times. 


You will be able to use the social spaces at all campuses, however there will be a reduced number of tables and chairs to maintain social distancing measures. 


Our facilities team will be very visible across the campus, with increased cleaning taking place. 


To help keep you safe, only a limited number of people will be able to use the toilets at any one time. There will be signage on the toilet door to advise you of this. Please check how many people are in the toilet before entering. 


We recognise that some students will be anxious about coming to College. We will implement a system of badges which can be worn by any member of staff or student who wish to visually indicate to others to take extra care around them. 

This might be because of their own health condition or because they live with someone classed as vulnerable or simply because they want additional protection. Badges can be collected from reception areas at both campuses. 


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