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Welcome to Beauty Therapy

Welcome Event 2020 Beauty Therapy Front Cover Page 1

We hope you are having a great summer break and are looking forward to coming to college. 

Below you will find important information and frequently asked questions which you need to read carefully to ensure you are fully prepared to join us in September.

If you have any urgent queries or concerns before commencing college, please don’t hesitate to contact your course co-ordinators via the email addresses below:



Enjoy the rest of your summer and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Sonia and Kathy

The information and activities in these welcome packs is mainly addressed to new students, but returning students are welcome to look through the pages and read through the information below for any questions you may have.

First Day and Induction

To access your induction (including information on your first day and timetables), you will need to log into our Google Education system using your college Google account.

This is different to your application and enrolment log in.

Please sign out of any personal Google accounts you may be logged into beforehand at

Your email is (example:

Your default password is PE91XA!!

After successfully logging in, you can then access the college induction website at:

Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak will be delivering the majority of induction online to maximise your safety. However there will be an opportunity to meet your tutors and classmates with social distancing in place to help you settle in to College life. The dates below detail when you will be required to attend College:


Beauty Therapy

Level 1 and 2




Beauty Therapy

Level 3



Inspire Salon


Timetables will be issued on completion of your induction (please note this may change and will be confirmed when we meet).

There will be a mandatory late night for all Beauty programmes which means one day you will finish college at 8.00pm on either a Tuesday or Thursday. The first late night session for clients will begin on Tuesday 8 September.

This is mandatory; therefore, you will be expected to attend weekly until the end of the academic year. College buses do not operate during the evenings therefore you will need to make your own travel arrangements as we discussed during your interview.

Important Information:

Will I be required to wear a uniform?

For your induction you will be required to wear smart/​casual clothes, however you will be required to wear your uniform at all times from Monday 7 September.

Please ensure that you have placed your order for your uniform before the start of term so that it has arrived before you start college.

Will there be any educational visits?

Yes, you will be required to participate in visits and enrichment linked to your course. 

Details of the trips and associated costs will be provided to you during your first few weeks, although this will all depend on the social distancing measures in place from the Government.

Level 1 and Level 2

The total fee for Level 1 and Level 2 trips is £75.00. The first payment of £25 is required by Friday 4 September followed by the second payment of £25 before Friday 2 October and the final Payment of £25 is required by Friday 6 November.

Level 3

The total fee for Level 3 trips and visits is £100.00. You pay all at once, or in instalments. The first payment of £35 is required by Friday 4 September followed by the second payment of £35 before Friday 2 October and the final payment of £30 is required by Friday 6 November. Please refer to the bottom of this letter for payment instructions.

How to pay

You can pay online using our payment portal. Visit College Shop’ and then Art Materials’.

Will I be required to complete work experience?

Yes, you are required to complete work experience within a salon whilst completing your course. This is a mandatory requirement and you will be expected to attend one day per week at Levels 1 and 2, and two days per week at Level 3 throughout the academic year. 

This is a hugely valuable and successful experience for you as a Therapist as it helps you to develop the skills that are required for the Industry and could potentially lead to future employment opportunities. 

You must secure your placement by Friday 18 September and you will begin your placement w/​c 30th November subject to government guidelines.

Will I require any kit or equipment for my course?

Yes, you must buy your equipment before you start your course.

The Beauty Therapy kit is supplied by Ellisons and Eve Taylor and can be ordered here, or by using the link below.

You will also be expected to arrive at every lesson with the relevant stationery all of which are listed on the shopping list included on the Kit’ webpage. This will be required for Induction.

Will I be required to source clients for my beauty assessments?

Yes, you will be required to source paying clients to complete your practical assessments as discussed at interview. Your tutor will explain this requirement in more detail during the induction period. 


Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a virtual learning classroom of which you are required to access throughout your course to obtain resources, assessments and feedback. You will need to download the app and log in with this code: cu3vc23

Please access this at your earliest convenience as this app is an essential tool for communication and learning whilst studying Beauty Therapy.

Summer Assignment

All offered students will have been emailed a Summer Assignment. You must complete over the summer and submit your work at your Induction.

It is important that you read the assignment brief and follow the assignment guidelines carefully as these will support you with completing your assignment. It is imperative that you complete the assignment in full and to the best of your ability as this will be used to assess your knowledge and understanding to meet the criteria of the course.

If you haven't received your summer assignment, please email as soon as possible so this can be re-sent to you.

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