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Welcome to Football Academy

Welcome Event 2020 Football Academy Front Cover Page 1

Thank you for applying for a place on our Football Academy course. With the current Covid-19 situation across the country changing by the month, lesson delivery may be a little different initially. If you were able to complete the Welcome Pack tasks set we hope they helped you to familiarise yourself with the college and your Sport Lecturers from September.

You will receive paperwork detailing how the 202021 enrolment will be delivered in early August 2020, and closer to the start of term we will issue clearer guidance on what and how induction will take place. Below you will also find a little more guidance on how you can best prepare yourself for September.

Look forward to seeing you soon, Justin and Chris

The information and activities in these welcome packs is mainly addressed to new students, but returning students are welcome to look through the pages and read through the information below for any questions you may have.


Within our courses trips are a vital part of the curriculum and offer valuable experiences and “live” learning that can be linked back to the units you study.

This year due to the Covid-19 pandemic a number of businesses do not have up to date information for student visits. Therefore, we have decided to make all the trips ‘pay as you go’ - and every student will be offered a place on the trip which can be secured by paying the trip fees in advance. These payments can be made online using the payment portal that will be set up in September after enrolment.

Trips within the Sports department in previous years have included:

  • English Institute of Sport
  • Ancaster Paintball
  • Sport City Manchester
  • Christmas Extravaganza (Zorbs and Inflatables)
  • Theme Park Visit – this will be an optional trip towards the end of the academic year


All enrolment takes place online in the comfort of your own home.

In early August, all students with an offer of a place to study with us will be emailed a 'Getting Ready for College' pack. This will contain all the instructions, forms and information you need to enrol online. As well as further guidance on how to apply for transport, financial support and when your induction will be.

As long as you have access to a device (mobile phone, tablet or computer) and a connection to the internet (4G or wifi) you can enrol anytime from Thursday 20th August (returning students will be able to enrol earlier and will be sent instructions on how to do so via email).

More FAQs and information about enrolment can be found on our 'Enrolling at College' page.

First Day and Induction

The induction process starts on Tuesday 2nd September and will mostly be delivered remotely this year.

It is designed to familiarise you with the college environment and prepare you for your studies. Throughout the first week we will arrange a variety of activities that you will participate in that could be online or within college. These activities are used to introduce you to the teaching team and your peers. During induction you will meet your allocated Tutor and be given your timetable for the academic year, this is subject to change based on Government advice at the time.

We look forward to working with you in September and will contact you during August with the completed induction plan for the Sports Department.

To access your induction (including information on your first day and timetables), you will need to log into our Google Education system using your college Google account.

This is different to your application and enrolment log in.

Please sign out of any personal Google accounts you may be logged into beforehand at

Your email is (example:

Your default password is PE91XA!!

After successfully logging in, you can then access the college induction website at:

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