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Welcome to Media Make Up

Welcome Event 2020 Media Make up Front Cover Page 1

We hope you are staying safe and having a great summer break. We are looking forward to seeing you in college for the next part of your education at New College Stamford.

Please ensure you complete your Level 2 or Level 3 Summer Assignment which will have been emailed to you. This must be submitted in September. It is important that you read the assignment brief and the marking guidelines carefully as they will support you to complete this.

Also, please work through the activities in the Welcome Pack as these will help you to familiarise yourself with your course.

If you have any urgent queries or concerns before commencing college, please don’t hesitate to contact the course co-ordinators/lecturers by email below:




Yours sincerely,

Laura, Fay and Justine.

The information and activities in these welcome packs is mainly addressed to new students, but returning students are welcome to look through the pages and read through the information below for any questions you may have.

First Day and Induction

To access your induction (including information on your first day and timetables), you will need to log into our Google Education system using your college Google account.

This is different to your application and enrolment log in.

Please sign out of any personal Google accounts you may be logged into beforehand at

Your email is (example:

Your default password is PE91XA!!

After successfully logging in, you can then access the college induction website at:

Your induction into your Hair and Media Make-up course is yet to be confirmed, as this is dependent on Government guidelines, but as soon as we know, we will contact you.

We do know that it will be mostly conducted online and we are busy ensuring you will still have access to all the information you need remotely. More information about where to find induction and how it will work will be provided at your enrolment later in August 2020.


Timetables will be issued on completion of your induction at the start of September (please note this may change and will be confirmed when we meet).

There is a possibility of a late night for your programme and we will be able to let you know what evening when we give out the timetables at the beginning of September.

The evening session would be finished by 7.30pm. This is mandatory, therefore you will be expected to attend weekly until the end of the academic year.

Google Classroom

At College we use Google Classroom to work digitally with students. It is where you will find all work, tasks and assessment information. Please download the app on your phones.

For Level 2 Hair and Media Make up we have two groups, Paris and Milan. Once you have completed Induction, you will be informed of which group you are in and given a code for that group to be able to use google classroom. Until then we will use a General Level 2 Group Code to give you information.

Your General Google Classroom Course Code for Level 2 is: frphpfp

For Level 3 Hair and Media Make up, your Google Classroom Course Code is: 5adhxce

Important Information:

Will there be any trips /​educational visits?

Yes, (hopefully based on government guidelines) you will be required to participate in visits and enrichment linked to your course. Trips and guest speakers will be organised during the year of which some cost may be applicable. We will let you know these well in advance of the trip and payments will need to be made online via our payment portal when the information and permission slip are handed out.

Level 3 students only

At Level 3, a professional photographer will be asked to come in to take photos of some of your assessments. This will cost around £20 each shoot (photographers price can vary). The cost covers working with a professional photographer, a USB of professionally edited photos and an A4 professional print of your favourite image from the shoot for your make-up portfolio.

Will I be required to complete work experience?

Level 2

Yes, at Level 2 you are required to complete 30 hours of hair work experience during an allocated block week in January 2021. You will need to find a hair salon for this block week and submit the information to the Work Experience Team at College by November 2020. 

Level 3

At Level 3 you are required to complete 60 hours of hair work experience and some make-up work experience where possible. 

A block week for hairdressing work experience is scheduled for 30th November — 3rd December 2020. You will need to find a hair salon for this block week and submit the information to the Work Experience Team by 15th October 2020. 


In addition to block weeks, we also encourage you to seek voluntary work experience on your non-college days in industry if possible, or seek weekend work in the industry.

Will I require any uniform, kit and equipment for my course?

Yes, you must buy your uniform and equipment before you start your course. Please ensure that you have placed your order for both your kit and uniform before the start of term so that they have arrived before you start college. Links to order both of these can be found below.

For your induction period you may wear your own smart plain black clothes, however you will be required to wear your uniform at all times unless directed otherwise once your timetable commences.

You will also be expected to arrive at every lesson with the relevant stationery which is also listed on the kit page (link below), and you will require this for induction week. 

Lastly, you will need £5 for your locker deposit, this must be paid via the payment portal during induction week to secure a locker for you.

Will I be required to source clients for my assessments?

Yes, you will be required to source some clients to complete your practical assessments. You will be told in advance of any dates when you will require an outside’ client for assessment. 

For some assessments you will be able to work on others in the group. 


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