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Welcome to Public Services

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The information and activities in these welcome packs is mainly addressed to new students, but returning students are welcome to look through the pages and read through the information below for any questions you may have.


All enrolment takes place online in the comfort of your own home.

In early August, all students with an offer of a place to study with us will be emailed a 'Getting Ready for College' pack. This will contain all the instructions, forms and information you need to enrol online. As well as further guidance on how to apply for transport, financial support and when your induction will be.

As long as you have access to a device (mobile, phone, tablet or computer) and a connection to the internet (4G or wifi) you can enrol anytime from Thursday 20th August (returning students will be able to enrol earlier and will be send instructions on how to do so via email).

More FAQs and information about enrolment can be found on our ‘Enrolling at College’ page.

First Day and Induction

To access your induction (including information on your first day and timetables), you will need to log into our Google Education system using your college Google account.

This is different to your application and enrolment log in.

Please sign out of any personal Google accounts you may be logged into beforehand at

Your email is (example:

Your default password is PE91XA!!

After successfully logging in, you can then access the college induction website at:

Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak will be delivering the majority of induction online to maximise your safety. However there will be an opportunity to meet your new tutors and classmates with social distancing in place to help you settle in to College life.


Timetables will be issued on completion of your induction (please note this may change and will be confirmed when we meet).

We expect a significant proportion of your teaching and learning to still take place online for the majority of courses, and if you do have lessons on campus you can be confident that your safety and wellbeing will be paramount from the moment you leave the house to the time that you return home.

Studying Remotely via Google Classroom

We have been using G Suite for Education for over a year and it is well embedded in to our curriculum. This has allowed us to move to remote learning during the lock down confidently. G Suite allows us to teach you online or offline, anytime, and on any device to support and connect with you either one-on-one or with the whole class.

We utilise Classroom to enable us to manage your course work, assignments, and grading all in one place so you can be confident your experience is as high in quality online, as it is on campus.

You will be provided with full instructions on how to access your Google Classroom at induction and your tutors are always on hand to support you and ensure you are doing everything you should be to succeed on your course.

Then add a call out box that links to the following entries ‘Buses and Transport’ (use image ‘BUS ant…’), ‘Enrolling at College’ (use front of college image ‘campus’) and Financial Support (use image of students and Jess).

Duke of Edinburgh Award

We are very privileged to have been awarded Direct Licensing status from the Duke of Edinburgh award. We recognise that our Public Services program of study is a varied one providing lots of opportunities to excel beyond the classroom. The Duke of Edinburgh award further compliments this.

Why DofE?

The award is an internationally recognised scheme by employers and Universities and aims to inspire young people to make a difference within their communities or to an individual’s life and develop compassion by giving service to others. There are 4 sections to complete for the Award. Skills Development, Physical, Volunteering and the well-known Expedition.

As part of your study program you will automatically be enrolled onto the Duke of Edinburgh award unless you actively choose to opt out for example if you have already completed the Bronze and Silver levels. This can be discussed with the DofE Manager at College - Richard West when you enrol for your main study program and when you get to meet your Tutors.

More information can be found at


The cost of the Bronze and Silver award is £30. This will cover registration and expedition transport and campsite fees. You may need to purchase some personal equipment, mostly clothing but we can forward details of retailers who provide participants with discounts. This will also be included in your DofE Welcome Pack which you will receive through the post once enrolled.

Should you have any further questions regarding the award please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Richard West

Public Services Lecturer / DofE Manager

Steve Burton

Public Services Lecturer / DofE Assistant Manager


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