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Alumni Student Katy Shares Her Journey Studying Astrophysics with A Level Students

Former A Level student took a break from studying Astrophysics at Bristol University to return to New College Stamford to inspire A Level students with her journey since leaving the college last year.

Katy, who studied Physics, Maths and Further Maths at New College Stamford’s A Level Centre shared her story with students who are now following her footsteps and beginning to consider their next steps in applying for university.

“When I was a student we had a guest speaker visit to talk about their journey and I thought I’d love to do that one day if I’m successful – and here I am. It’s great to give back to the college and help students who studied the same course as I did, make these important decisions.”

Studying Astrophysics at University has opened many doors for Katy. During her visit she gave special thanks to the A Level department for providing her with the stepping stones to get her where she is today.

She said, “Studying A Levels at New College Stamford isn’t just text book work, the practical sessions, especially the lab experiments, really help prepare you for the work you’ll do at uni. The support has been amazing and the tutors on the A Level programme have been brilliant at getting people, (like me) out of their shell. They were determined to get an A out of me and that determination definitely helped give me the confidence I needed to succeed.”

When asked what advice she would give a student thinking of applying to study an A Levels at New College Stamford she said, “don’t lose the momentum of working hard.”

We are very proud of Katy’s achievements and wish her all the best for the future.

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