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Exciting news coming from our University Theatre Company ‘Shedlight’…

University Centre Stamford theatre company ‘Shedlight’ have recently had the opportunity to work with the professional directors, producers and actors from Lamphouse Theatre Company to research and develop a brand-new show based on the historical figure ‘Peter the Wild Boy’.

Shedlight relocated to the Undercroft Theatre in Peterborough for a week to immerse themselves in this exciting project. Our students were professional, energetic and worked extremely well alongside experienced professionals and were commended for their hard work by Lamphouse Theatre Company’s Artistic Director Tom Fox.


Lamphouse aspire to ‘tell epic stories in intimate settings, packed with live music, comedy and spontaneity. We perform with a playful mischief and create events accessible to all who attend and participate in them’.

‘Lamphouse’s multi-disciplined approach includes working closely with an ever-changing ensemble of performers, musicians, artists and makers to create stories collaboratively. We are committed to breaking down barriers with communities who do not often experience theatre. We work with engagement and learning institutions across the country to raise awareness of the power of creativity.’

University Centre Stamford champions hands-on work experience which prepares you for what working in industry is like. Gaining work experience and building up connections and networks is vital in transitioning from College to University or a career. This experience has been brilliant for our HE students and has given them an insight into what their futures could be like once they graduate!

We look forward to hearing more from ‘Shedlight’ as they grow and develop over the next few months and years.

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