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Five Ways to Improve Your Mental Health During Isolation

Actively looking after your mental health during isolation is important. Check out our 'Five Ways To Improve Your Mental Health During Isolation'.

Routine5 Mental Health

1. Create a routine.

Creating a routine can help us feel more in control of our lives. Routine can be an anchor. No matter what’s going on around the world, knowing that a certain point of the day you are going to do something fun, or to simply have dinner, can be a comfort. 

A routine is also a great way to introduce positive daily habits that can greatly improve your life. Such as finding the extra time to prepare healthy meals to improve your diet or creating an exercise plan.

5 Ways Motivation

2. Find ways to stay motivated.

Staying motivated and achieving what you set out to do is a great way to feel progression, which will make you feel happier.

Check out our Five Ways to Stay Motivated Whilst Studying from Home’.


3. Maintain connections.

Being in isolation can feel like you’re closed off to the rest of the world. This can have a negative effect on you. Make sure you keep in touch with your friends and family. Try and message someone new every day to catch up and find out how they are dealing with isolation or their coursework.

Don’t struggle in silence – if you’re finding elements of your course difficult, or just struggling in general with no face to face contact talk to us and we will do everything possible to support you.


4. Stay virtually sociable.

Make the most of applications such as FaceTime, WhatsApp and Messenger to bring yourself Face to Face with people you care about. 

Own a gaming console that has online party capabilities? Instead of favouring solo gameplay, try to create a party with your friends and playing a multiplayer game. 

Joe Prince

5. Keep physically active.

The easiest way to greatly improve your mental health. Make sure you’re participating in physical activities, such as walks, bike rides and home work outs.

Check out our Five Ways To Stay Fit during Isolation’.

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