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Five Ways to Stay Motivated Whilst Studying from Home

Studying from home can be a challenge due to the amount of distractions that you could face. Here are 5 great ways to stay motivated and to not lose focus!

Check List 5 Ways Motivated

1. Break down your big tasks into smaller ones!

Begin by putting pen to paper. Write down all of the tasks that you need to accomplish in your future. A brilliant tool to do this is by using trello​.com (The free version) or the use of post-it notes.

Your goals need to be as precise as possible and always make sure you celebrate the little wins.

Positive To Negative5 Motivation

2. Turn the negatives into positives! 

You’re not stuck at home, you’re safe at home”.

Negativity can breed negativity. But positivity can also breed positivity. During the current climate, making sure you’re keeping positive and healthy is very important. Appreciate the extra time with your families, join in in celebrating how amazing the NHS is, send someone a nice message!

Check out our Five Ways to Improve Your Mental Health During Isolation’.

Yoga5 Motivation

3. Break up your day!

Although you’re expected to put a good amount of time into studying at home, it is important to make sure you’re breaking up your day and not trying to concentrate for too many hours at a time.

Make sure you’re contributing to a creative hobby every day and/​or working out.

Find out Five Ways to Stay Fit During Isolation’.


4. Consume positive content!

Do you feel like you’re stuck to your phone out of boredom? Checking on your Facebook and Instagram every 15 minutes?
Make sure you’re following positive and influential people. If you find yourself following people that don’t make you feel good – make the decision to unfollow them. It can be very damaging putting yourself in front of content regularly that isn’t making a positive impact on your life. 

Achieve5 Motivation

5. Celebrate what you manage to achieve!

In times like this it’s important to acknowledge when sticking to your routine, achieving study goals or even working out a number of times that week.

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