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Beyond the Bakery: Clive Tolson’s Transition from Greggs Product Planning Manager to Stamford College Catering & Hospitality Technician

5 March 2024

Many Inspire Education Group (IEG) staff members boast exciting career journeys, bestowing their industry knowledge and experience upon their students. Of no exception is Stamford College’s Catering & Hospitality Technician, Clive Tolson, with 36 years’ experience as a Product Planning Manager for nationwide bakery chain, Greggs.

“I was employed as a Baker since attending catering college in 1976! “, Clive shared. “Initially, I worked for a company called ‘Bakers Oven’, preparing all the products on site, in the small bakery behind the shop front. When Greggs first acquired Bakers Oven, the format was very similar, but I aspired to work my way up”, he continued.

Clive did just that, ascending through the ranks to become a Production Area Manager, before progressing to the position of Product Planning Manager. “I looked after 98 store bakeries, ensuring that any products developed in the factories could be replicated in store. This was sometimes difficult, as I would have to reduce a recipe for 10,000 cupcakes down to 20!”, Clive explained. “It would involve trial and error, but I always managed to get everyone on board”.

In 2016, Clive pursued a new role, accepting a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) position at Stamford College. “The duties and working hours really suited me and my home life”, he explained. “Plus, I was mainly supporting the Catering & Hospitality department, which of course I loved”.

When the position of Catering Technician became available, Clive jumped at the opportunity. “I’d already built a good rapport with the students, and it was the perfect chance to put the skills I learnt at Greggs to good use – food ordering, health & safety, food hygiene, and working with people from all walks of life”.

“Just as I travelled around the country showing each Greggs store baker what was expected of each product, I’m more than happy to answer our students’ questions”, Clive shared. “I especially enjoy supporting them during service hours, and of course when we’re making bread!”.

Leveraging his 36 years’ experience at Greggs, Clive plays an integral role in supporting students, as they navigate their post-16 education. Through Clive’s guidance and support, aspiring chefs and hospitality professionals at Stamford College are equipped with the skills to succeed in their future careers with confidence.  

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