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Student Work Experience / Placements


Helping young people in our community to progress and succeed following Covid-19

Living in these uncertain times has impacted us all, as a college we are dedicated to supporting our students to develop the confidence and skills they require for their future careers, which we achieve with employer support. First-hand experience of the work place is vital to a student's training and development and we do hope you will be able to support our work experience programme in the coming difficult months to enable our students to achieve their qualifications.

The college is also committed to supporting its local community and its businesses; work experience can help fill skills gaps in the short term and it will allow you to see how potential employees suit your organisation culture.

Employer Toolkit


The toolkit has been designed to support employers who agree to offer work experience placements to students with special educational needs, learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

What are we looking for?

Employers who are prepared to support the initiative by offering work experience placements to our students. We have a dedicated team of work placement officers who can support and guide you through the process.

Why should my business get involved?

Immediate Benefits

  • Bring a fresh perspective and new ideas into your business.
  • Give your employees opportunities to coach and mentor your future talent.
  • A willing volunteer to fill skills gaps in your business in the short term.

Long Term Benefits

  • Contact New College Stamford to arrange a meeting to discuss work experience opportunities further.

What do I need to do?

  • Provide a minimum 45 day work placement for a student studying a course relevant to your business.
  • Arrange the placement with a participating Post-16 provider for some time in the next academic year.
  • Contact New College Stamford to arrange a meeting with a Work Placement Co-Ordinator who will be responsible for matching your business with a student.
  • Provide a safe environment for the student to work in and opportunities to develop their technical skills and knowledge within your industry.

What does it cost your business?

Absolutely nothing! It only requires a little of your time and minimum administration – and could make a real difference to the life of a young person. And who knows they could potentially even be your next star recruit.

Becoming a supporter

So, if your business could benefit from an extra pair of hands, please call 01780 484362 or email

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