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Virtalis VR Wall Installed at Stamford College

26 June 2023

Stamford College, part of Inspire Education Group, has become one of only a handful of Further Education providers in the UK to install a Virtalis Virtual Reality wall, having received funding from the Department for Education for the Greater Lincolnshire Area. The cutting-edge technology will revolutionise the College’s educational offering across all curriculum areas as students explore virtual worlds of unprecedented realism.

As a virtual reality world leader in visualisation and simulation software, Virtalis has spearheaded numerous ground-breaking projects across a host of industries, including aerospace, motor vehicle and construction. But the Virtalis interface is also the ideal tool for education, with the high-resolution projectors and advanced tracking system enabling students to ‘step into’ virtual environments relevant to their chosen subject areas.

The virtual reality wall will be programmed to facilitate interactive learning across a host of Inspire Education Group’s Further and Higher Education courses. Users can manipulate objects, embark on virtual field trips and conduct experiments, all within the confines of the dedicated classroom. History students may explore ancient ruins, or watch on as historical events unfold in the metaverse. Or those studying the Sciences may practice intricate scientific procedures, whilst Engineering and Construction students can design and assemble complex builds, all without the associated time, costs, and physical limitations of doing so in real life. Adam Harper, Account Executive at Virtalis, shared, “We’re very proud to have supplied Stamford College with innovative immersive technology in the form of its new VR wall. As well as being a platform for students to explore in engineering and the built environment, the technology is available as a powerful cross-curricular tool for the whole of the Inspire Education Group. We look forward to collaborating with Stamford on developing its use cases for the VR wall and our immersive visualisation solutions”.

Use of virtual reality technology has been proven to further engagement and knowledge retention amongst learners. In taking a hands-on approach to training, students of Stamford College and the wider Inspire Education Group will gain a deeper understanding of their chosen subject areas, which is sure to translate across to their academic success. Gary Lewis, Digital Learning Technologist & Air & Defence College Coordinator, and Project Lead on the College’s VR wall is delighted by the opportunities posed by its installation, “The Virtalis Wall provides learners across multiple curriculum areas with a unique opportunity to visualise and understand complex concepts in a way that is not possible with traditional learning methods. The immersive environment created by the wall allows learners to interact with virtual objects and simulations in a way that is both engaging and informative”.

Inspire Education Group looks forward to utilising this innovative technology. Thank you to the Department for Education for the Greater Lincolnshire Area and Virtalis for their support in bringing this project into fruition.

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