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Department overview

In 2021, Stamford College's dedicated sixth form centre achieved an 100% pass rate in 13 subjects and 98% pass rate overall and 58% of those students receiving top grades A* to B or equivalent.

An outstanding achievement which is once again an example of the resilience and dedication of students and staff throughout the year, in class and online during the pandemic.

Don’t just take our word for it, OFSTED said: “Through effective teaching and assessment, staff encourage learners to develop good independent-study and critical-thinking skills that enable them to reflect upon and improve their own work. These skills prepare them well for study at a higher level.

Why study with us?

  • 100% pass rate in 13 subjects and 98% pass rate overall and 58% of those students receiving top grades A* to B or equivalent in 2021.
  • 100% pass rate in 19 subjects with a 99.5% pass rate in 2020 and some of the highest A Level grades nationally.
  • An Aim Higher Programme including Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), The Duke of Edinburgh Award, The Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, Mock University Interviews for Oxford and Cambridge and lessons from Auschwitz Writing Competitions.
  • A Level tutors at Stamford College are experts in their field and many are examiners too, which means they know exactly how to prepare students for exams.
  • Smaller class sizes mean more support from our specialist tutors.
  • Mature environment; we treat our students like adults.
  • Dedicated revision programmes that run throughout the year including through the exam period, to maximise your chances to achieve.
  • With a range of subjects to choose from, a dedicated Sixth Form Centre and access to The Honors Programme and extensive UCAS support, there’s plenty of reasons to choose A Levels at Stamford College.


Sophie who achieved A*, A*, A* in Biology, Chemistry and Maths said, "The support I received when applying for Cambridge University really helped increase my confidence!"


Emily achieved A*, A, A, A* in Biology, Maths, Chemistry and her EPQ. The former Prince William School student progressed to The University of Nottingham to study Chemical Engineering.


I achieved A*, A*, A and secured a place at The University of Nottingham to study Theoretical Physics and work towards my PHD.


Ellie achieved A*, A, A and was accepted in to Newcastle University to study Biomedical Science with her results in Maths, Chemistry and Biology.


After achieving AAA in my A Levels, I have been accepted onto an English Linguistics degree at one of the top 20 universities in the world - Kings College London!


With amazing support from my tutors, in particular Paul Donschak, I achieved A*, A, A. Paul’s passion has inspired me to continue to study Physics at the University of Nottingham.


I’ve had a brilliant two years at New College Stamford, it’s been the best years of my education! With grades A*, A, B, I’m now progressing to Cardiff University to study Journalism.


Studying A Levels at New College Stamford isn’t just text book work, the practical sessions, especially the lab experiments, really help prepare you for the work you’ll do at university.

Choosing the right A Levels:

When choosing the right A Level subjects, you need to ask yourself some difficult questions, but we are here to help.

    Which subjects do you enjoy the most?

    This is the most important question. We want you to be happy during your 2 years at Stamford College.

    What do you want to do after A Levels?

    If you want to go to university, you may need to do some research to find out which subjects are needed for the course you want to study. Some universities require you to study at least two facilitating subjects.

    What career path are you interested in following?

    If you have some idea of what you want to do in the future, it may be useful to find out which A Level subjects you need to be studying. You can contact professional organisations to find out which qualifications they require.

    Which subjects go well together?

    Your favourite subjects might be Biology, History and Media but what kind of career would require this mix of knowledge and skills? Some subjects complement each other i.e Maths and Physics for example so think carefully about the mix of subjects you choose.

    Do you prefer coursework, or are you better at exams?

    Some subjects have a 20% practical coursework component, however the majority are all exam based. If you are good at organising your own time, coursework-based subjects will work well for you; if not, it might be better to avoid these subjects.

    How many subjects should I choose?

    You will study 3 A Level subjects plus tutorial and career development sessions. Each subject has 6 hours per week class time, with approximately 4 hours of independent study.

    What if I do not meet the entry requirements?

    You may still be considered for A Level study if you do not meet the requirements. You would need to come in for an interview and discuss this with us.


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