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Air and Defence College

Stamford College’s RAF Air and Defence College offers a distinct, employer-driven approach to education and technical training for 16 to 19 year olds.

This pioneering and innovative model, supported enthusiastically by our industry partners, is tailored to establish solid career pathways in the RAF, Aerospace, and Catering sectors. Our collaborative effort with these employers ensures a unique and practical learning experience, directly aligning with the demands of these dynamic industries.

The Programme

Students at Stamford College’s RAF Air and Defence College will engage in industry-defined projects, co-created with employers, preparing them to leap into their chosen careers with an advantage.

They will spend a considerable amount of time immersed in real-world industry settings, benefiting from an extensive work experience programme. Industry professionals will collaborate with our tutors to share their expertise and insights.

Essential academic subjects such as maths, English, and science will be tailored to the college’s specialisation.

Additionally, a strong emphasis will be placed on the development of digital skills, ensuring our students are well-equipped for the modern workforce.

My triple distinction (DDD) grades showcased the specific IT training and skills I had gained, helping me to progress straight into a career in the RAF and realise my true potential.

Bradley Parker
Air & Defence Computing

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